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About Videocon Home Theater

Experience the magic of movies with Videocon Home Theatre systems. You can now enjoy the grand audio visual experience of movie theaters at home using the Videocon Home Theatre System. The Videocon Home Theatre consists of speaker systems that offer surround sound and high quality, crystal clear, sound output. The Home Theatre System currently has three models namely, DS505, DS707 and DS909. DS505 offers 4000W PMPO, while the other two models offer 2500W PMPO. A PMPO of this range can literally shake you to the beats of the music. The 5.1 channel output lets you experience full surround sound. The set of speakers consist of a left, a right and a center speaker; two surround speakers (left and right) and a sub-woofer for low frequency sounds. Videocon Home Theatres offer individual channel control in addition to the bass control, so you can decide what effects to add/reduce to heighten your audio experience. All three models also have the option to select the 2.1 or 5.1 channel mode. The Videocon Home Theatre system coupled with Videocon's DVD players and a large screen television can take you to new realms of home theatre experience. Videocon's X-Lent Home Theatre System lets you setup your own private theatre at home. The speakers are easy to setup and have an elegant look that blends with any kind of furniture at home. Sleek, elegant, powerful and effective these home theatre systems are a must have for any home, for the ultimate home theater experience. These systems can be bought from retail showrooms or from online stores.